Pre-Marital Counselling

At The Gilmour Group with our pre-marital counselling, we focus on MARRIAGE PLANNING and leave the WEDDING PLANNING up to you. We believe that all life decisions, big and small, can be addressed productively with the right communication tools. We provide you with those tools which can be used as templates for almost anything that comes your way

“We did our research and found that there are many approaches to pre-marital counselling.  We heard about Dianne through some friends who had just gotten married and had seen her for some pre-marital counselling.  They had told us Dianne focused on tools that could be applied to ANY foreseeable situation and that her approach and style had really worked for them.  We trusted them and decided to see her ourselves.  It turned out to be such a fun and productive experience!  We’ve only been married for 8 months and we’re still honeymooning for sure but there have been some situations where the tools we learned from Dianne have helped us through some difficult moments.  We’re so grateful.”.  


“Our wedding date was set, everyone was on board but I was starting to see some patterns with my fiancé that really bothered me.  I basically told him that I wasn’t prepared to marry him unless he agreed to talk to a relationship counsellor with me.  By the end of session one with Dianne we had a really good grasp on where we were starting to go off-track and we left that evening with some stuff to work on right away.   By the end of session four we felt confident that we could tackle the stuff that we knew would probably come our way in the future.  We got married two months ago and I walked down that aisle knowing we were going to be okay.   We saw Dianne for a total of five sessions and we’ll probably go back once every six months or so for a check-in.  I’m so grateful that we reached out at a time when it would have been easier to get wrapped up in ‘getting’ married instead of ‘being’ married.” 


We can be reached at 604-880-0941.

Dianne is accepting new clients and is honoured to support all clients using online/virtual platforms during these challenging days of mandatory social-distancing. She is also seeing clients in-person while strictly adhering to safety guidelines.