Goal Setting & Homework

Clients often tell us that past counseling experiences have not been effective for them…they may have left after the first (and usually the last) session feeling warm and fuzzy, heard and understood but unarmed with any tangible tools or strategies at the end of the session with which to address the situation that took them to counselling in the first place. Without solid goals and a strategic plan to address them the old familiar and unhelpful communication patterns returned within days, if not hours, and any hopes for the relationship were driven that much deeper into a state of hopelessness and despair.

Goal setting is the most crucial and immediate step in our work at The Gilmour Group. There can be no ambiguity around these goals, they have to be mutually arrived at and irrevocably clear. It is the ultimate focus of every first session with our clients….hear and understand the story, facilitate the setting of goals, start the process of getting there. Our work is in helping the clients focus on what they want more of as opposed to what they want less of.

Homework assignments are always based on the goals set by the client/s. The goals may shift and change but it is a process that is clear and concise, there is no mystery involved. It’s pragmatic, it is research-based and it works if the clients are committed to the process.

We can be reached at 604-880-0941.

Dianne is accepting new clients and is honoured to support all clients using online/virtual platforms during these challenging days of mandatory social-distancing. She is also seeing clients in-person while strictly adhering to safety guidelines.