Counselling Approach

At the very core of our counselling work are four basic elements: authenticity, safety, respect, and hope. We strictly adhere to the ethical standards of our profession and are committed to a ‘do-no-harm’ philosophy.

Our theoretical approach is influenced by the solution-focused approach. The philosophical underpinnings of this approach are based on a strong belief that the clients know what they want from the counselling process and once they identify those goals tools are offered with which to work towards achieving them. Rather than trying to change others, the client/s are encouraged and supported in changing his/her self in relation to interaction with others. Our clients are provided with opportunities to re-envision their situation with hope and possibility. This is achieved through a step-by-step exploration of what has to happen for the problem to no longer have the power it once had.

Dianne is also influenced and guided by the principles of John Gottman’s work and has completed Level II training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. It is a structured therapeutic approach, one that combines tools and interventions with exercises that clients are encouraged to practice and integrate into their everyday lives.

While these therapeutic models guide our work, we are aware that alternative approaches may be more appropriate or effective. Counselling is not a science, it often requires that ‘go with the gut’ approach. This is always done with authenticity, full disclosure and a sprinkle of humor.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

We always felt like Dianne really respected our feelings during our sessions. She wasn’t afraid to call us on some of our unhealthy communication patterns, but she did it with respect and humor, always providing us with more helpful strategies and tools to go home with and apply in our daily lives”

My husband was very reluctant to go to couples counselling. He was convinced the whole experience would be ‘airy-fairy’, that we would have sit in front of a stranger and talk about childhood issues and get all ‘touchy-feely’. He isn’t that guy who talks about his emotions easily and the whole idea just made him cringe. I did manage to drag him into that first session with Dianne and within minutes I knew he had let go of those concerns and was feeling much more comfortable than he expected. On the drive home that evening he told me he was looking forward to going back! Within 5 sessions our relationship was not only back on track but much, MUCH better than it had ever been. Going to see Dianne was one of the best decisions we ever made”.

I was beyond furious with my daughter (B), I was confused and almost ready to give up.. Who was she? Where had my kid disappeared to? B. saw Dianne on her own for two sessions and then her dad and I were invited into the process. Dianne helped us all see how we were letting our expectations and anger get in the way of where we needed to go. We were all given the opportunity to talk about what we wanted and how we could individually contribute to getting there. It was invaluable. We’ve just finished our sixth session and I know we’re going to be okay. The atmosphere in our home has shifted, I want to be there and I honestly think B. wants to be there too”

We can be reached at 604-880-0941.

Dianne is accepting new clients and is honoured to support all clients using online/virtual platforms during these challenging days of mandatory social-distancing. She is also seeing clients in-person while strictly adhering to safety guidelines.

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