Victoria Marriage, Couples & Relationship Counselling

“How Did We Get From Saying ‘I Love You’ to ‘I’ll See You Around Someday"? - Great Big Sea

Relationships are constantly in the inevitable and necessary process of change. These changes can ultimately result in the relationship continuing to evolve or contribute to an erosion of the relationship that looks and feels insurmountable. We are trained and experienced counsellors specializing in helping couples move forward when they are experiencing the pain, disillusionment, and fear around losing a relationship that probably at one time was seen as impervious to any form of destruction.

Our Victoria Marriage Counselling and Couples Counselling Services can help you work through issues such as:

  1.  Trust
  2.  Infidelity/Adultery/Affairs
  3.  Financial concerns
  4.  Respect
  5.  Sexual Intimacy
  6.  Emotional Connection/Intimacy
  7.  Miscommunication/Non-communication
  8.  Parenting issues
  9.  Extended/blended family concerns

Most of us have had the old “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” adage drilled into us from a young age. It’s great advice if we’re learning a new sport or dance step, for most situations actually.  But it’s really bad advice when we’re struggling in relationships because trying the same unhelpful thing over and over and over again will NOT create a positive outcome.  That’s a promise.  At Gilmour Group Counselling we do a communication pattern intervention – we interrupt what isn’t working and replace it with what will.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“My partner and I are in a same-sex relationship and though we were struggling with some issues we were uncomfortable about seeing a counsellor. We had thought about focusing on finding a counsellor within the gay community but decided to just focus on finding a counsellor who knew his/her stuff regardless of their sexual orientation.  Dianne made us feel so comfortable so fast!  We only had three sessions with her and we’re doing so much better.  We’re referring her to our friends”.

                                                                                               - R&G