Communication & Trust

Nothing will get resolved in any relationship, regardless of what that relationship looks like, without healthy communication. Nothing. Misunderstandings, inaccurate assumptions, not feeling heard, not feeling comfortable sharing opinions, shutting down, yelling, resentments, anger…all result from ineffective communication.

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Sometimes our lives can be so overwhelming we feel we’re drowning in the pain. We’re committed to walking beside you, breaking the situation into smaller more manageable pieces, bringing you relief…bringing you hope. There is no story that isn’t valid, no person who is not heard.

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Clear Structure

Goal setting is the most crucial and immediate step in our work at The Gilmour Group and homework assignments are always based on the goals set by the client.

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Self Esteem Counselling Vancouver

Self Esteem Counselling Vancouver Are you looking for a center that offers professional self esteem counselling in Vancouver? Make sure you call Gilmour Group. Dianne Gilmour understands the enormous relief that can be experienced by sharing thoughts that have become a true story in her client’s heads and then find out that there are other possibilities- ones that offer the hope of a new story.

Gilmour Group works with individual clients in identifying specific area they are interested in improving on in their lives and in creating strategies and tools to get them where they want to go. Along the way, clients find that the process of completely de-mystified so that every step is clearly explained, co-authored and tracked so that each step’s effectiveness can be tracked and measured. Gilmour Group is trained and experienced in working with individuals dealing with issues such as:

- Depression
- Self-esteem
- Anxiety
- Relationship issues
- Family issues
- Life transitions
- Career transitions

There are many benefits associated with self esteem counselling in Vancouver that reach far into an individual’s life and just make life so much more enjoyable to live. Some of these benefits include:

- Being yourself at all times, instead of feeling as though you have to meet the expectations of others. This is a truly satisfying feeling.

- Coming to the understanding that others will sometimes disagree with you but that you never have to worry about these disagreements coming up. You’ll learn that others are entitled to have their own opinion and their opinion does not affect you.

- Learn how to embrace new opportunities through eliminating your fear of uncertainty. Learning that results are never guaranteed, regardless of what the conditions are, can bring about a new excitement with regard to the possibilities in life.

- Gain new resilience by understanding that trials come and go in life and when difficulties arise, you can make the right choices to get back on track and move forward instead of taking a hit and allowing it to cripple you.

- One of the greatest advantages of a healthy self-esteem is in knowing that you do not need the approval of others around you. People pleasers are often some of the unhappiest people on the planet!

- Healthy self-esteem reminds us that we are not able to be perfect. It’s unreasonable and unhealthy to expect perfection out of ourselves and it’s even worse when we allow others to expect it from us. You’ll gain the tools you need for a greater level of happiness through an improved self-esteem.

The professionals at Gilmour Group will focus on where you want to be as opposed to spending time worrying about where you’ve been and how that hasn’t worked out. You’ll love the safe, non-judgmental and respectful environment at Gilmour Group that will facilitate the process of setting realistic goals.

Find out more about how self-esteem counselling can help you. Call Vancouver’s Gilmour Group at 604-880-0941 and get the help you’re looking for. Self Esteem Counselling Vancouver
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