Communication & Trust

Nothing will get resolved in any relationship, regardless of what that relationship looks like, without healthy communication. Nothing. Misunderstandings, inaccurate assumptions, not feeling heard, not feeling comfortable sharing opinions, shutting down, yelling, resentments, anger…all result from ineffective communication.

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Sometimes our lives can be so overwhelming we feel we’re drowning in the pain. We’re committed to walking beside you, breaking the situation into smaller more manageable pieces, bringing you relief…bringing you hope. There is no story that isn’t valid, no person who is not heard.

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Clear Structure

Goal setting is the most crucial and immediate step in our work at The Gilmour Group and homework assignments are always based on the goals set by the client.

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Relationship Counselling Vancouver

Relationship Counselling Vancouver Are you considering relationship counselling in Vancouver? Call Gilmour Group at 604-880-0941 and speak with Dianne about booking a session for you and your partner.

If you’ve been going through the same motions over and over, expecting a new, positive outcome, you may be surprised to learn that nothing in your relationship will change until you learn new skills and acquire new tools with which to engage with each other. Relationship counselling in Vancouver can be the catalyst you’ve been looking for to turn a new page in your relationship.

Gilmour Group will employ a communication pattern intervention in your relationship; in other words, they’ll interrupt what isn’t currently working in your relationship and replace it with what will work for you.

Are you having problems in any of the following areas: trust, respect, sexual intimacy, emotional connection, finances, infidelity, parenting, extended family or blended family concerns or, the ever-present miscommunication or non-communication that is so often present in relationships? Gilmour Group can help.

Take heart from the following reports on relationships where couples had undergone counselling:

- 80% of clients agree that relationship counselling had a positive effect on the relationship and strengthened their bond, helping them move past obstacles that had kept them from moving forward in a positive way
- 70% of clients admit that relationship counselling saved the relationship and that a favorable outcome would not have been possible without the counselling
- 70% of clients stated that counselling helped them move on after a relationship had ended

There is a time commitment on the part of each person in the relationship when counselling has begin at Gilmour Group in Vancouver. While it’s quite common for couples to want to quit, even after the initial session, this is a big mistake, since counselling can only be effective if given the proper amount of time for the counsellor to do what they have been trained to do. Consider what is at stake and make the commitment that your counsellor recommends.

There is also a financial commitment on the part of the couple that many decide early on or even beforehand that they can’t afford. While that may be true on the surface, underneath, it’s important to prioritize what is happening in your life. Any relationship that is worth having is worth investing in to ensure that it will stand the test of time and weather all of the storms that come along. Is there any single thing that is more important to spend your money on than your relationship?

Finding a counsellor that you both feel comfortable with is crucial, therefore, Gilmour Group offers a free 30 minute session for the two of you to get to know Dianne and her approach to relationships. As well, feel free to visit to learn more about the experience and expertise Dianne brings to the table. Her work has provided her with opportunities to support youth, families and couples.

Please visit online or make the call to Dianne at 604-880-0941 to connect with Gilmour Group today. Relationship Counselling Vancouver
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