Communication & Trust

Nothing will get resolved in any relationship, regardless of what that relationship looks like, without healthy communication. Nothing. Misunderstandings, inaccurate assumptions, not feeling heard, not feeling comfortable sharing opinions, shutting down, yelling, resentments, anger…all result from ineffective communication.

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Sometimes our lives can be so overwhelming we feel we’re drowning in the pain. We’re committed to walking beside you, breaking the situation into smaller more manageable pieces, bringing you relief…bringing you hope. There is no story that isn’t valid, no person who is not heard.

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Clear Structure

Goal setting is the most crucial and immediate step in our work at The Gilmour Group and homework assignments are always based on the goals set by the client.

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Family Counselling Vancouver

Family Counselling Vancouver Gilmour Group offers professional family counselling in Vancouver as well as couples and individual counselling services. Their no-nonsense tools and strategies are research-based and can provide the skills your family is looking for to bring about lasting change.

Today’s families face an enormous amount of challenges and pressure from so many different angles, it’s only natural that from time to time, even the most seemingly grounded family might benefit from counseling. Not only are the usual challenges ever-present, such as loss of a family member, communication issues, lack of parenting skills, etc., the modern family faces unique problems that have only become real issues within the last few decades.

Family counselling at Gilmour Group in Vancouver can help build a strong, healthy and happy family. Professional counselling can help work through problems, restore relationships that have suffered damage, build relationships that may never have been properly built and open up a line of communication that helps each family member feel like they are being heard and understood.

Families that have found past counselling to be ineffective often find that Gilmour Group is able to help. Too often, families leave a counselling session feeling happy only to discover that they had not been armed with any real tools or solutions that would prove to be lasting. When problems in the home arise, each family member is forced to react with the same, previous strategy they had used before counselling, since they have nothing new to draw from.

Gilmour Group is able to teach your family members the skills necessary to get new results when crisis arises. Through solid goals and a strategic plan, families are able to address each new challenge in a new way. Goal setting is one of the most crucial and immediate steps in the work involved at Gilmour Group.

The main focus of every first family counselling session in Vancouver at Gilmour Group is to hear and understand each family’s unique story, and start the process of getting there. Their work involves helping clients focus on what they want more of instead of what they want less of. This is what sets Gilmour Group apart from the rest.

Homework assignments are based on the unique goals that are set by the clients. As time passes, goals may shift and change but it will always be a process that is clear and concise, so that no member of the family is confused. Families that are committed to the process will find it to be pragmatic, research-based and results driven.

At the center of the work at Gilmour Group are four basics: authenticity, safety, respect and hope. Families will be pleased to learn that Gilmour Group strictly adheres to the ethical standards of the profession and are fully committed to ‘do no harm’.

If you’re searching for a safe, family counselling center in Vancouver, consider Gilmour Group. Please visit online at to learn more about what they have to offer your family. From there, you can connect with a specialist from Gilmour Group who can help you take the first step. Family Counselling Vancouver
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