Communication & Trust

Nothing will get resolved in any relationship, regardless of what that relationship looks like, without healthy communication. Nothing. Misunderstandings, inaccurate assumptions, not feeling heard, not feeling comfortable sharing opinions, shutting down, yelling, resentments, anger…all result from ineffective communication.

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Sometimes our lives can be so overwhelming we feel we’re drowning in the pain. We’re committed to walking beside you, breaking the situation into smaller more manageable pieces, bringing you relief…bringing you hope. There is no story that isn’t valid, no person who is not heard.

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Clear Structure

Goal setting is the most crucial and immediate step in our work at The Gilmour Group and homework assignments are always based on the goals set by the client.

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Couples Counselling Vancouver

Couples Counselling Vancouver Are you thinking about couples counselling in Vancouver? Contact Gilmour Group for the skills you and your partner need to see results. If you’ve tried couples counselling in the past and found that it did not provide the results you were looking for, take heart. Gilmour Group is not like any other counselling center in Vancouver.

As relationships change, some couples naturally evolve along with the changes while other couples seem to find that changes bring about an erosion of the relationship, often seeming to be insurmountable. Gilmour Group employs professionals who have the experience and skills necessary to help couples move forward when they experience pain, disillusionment or fear, particularly around the risk of losing a relationship that may have once looked like it could weather any storm.

Gilmour Group’s couples counselling in Vancouver can help you work through issues that include:

- Trust
- Infidelity/ Adultery/Affairs
- Financial concerns
- Sexual intimacy
- Emotional Connection or Intimacy
- Miscommunication or Non-communication
- Parenting challenges
- Extended or blended family concerns

You’ll find there are many benefits to receiving couples counselling. Vancouver’ Gilmour Group can provide you with options you may never have thought about. As well, some of the advantages of couples counselling include:

- Learning how to better solve conflict. Communication skills can help you reach a solution in a healthier manner than you may have previously been able to find. Communication that involves active listening and emotionally unplugged speaking helps couples learn about one another’s needs.

- Couples counselling can help each person learn how to become assertive with regard to their needs without offending their partner. One of the greatest tools counselling can provide is in learning that each person in the relationship can get what they need without demanding or starting a conflict within the relationship.

- Couples often mistakenly believe they have to solve each issue as it comes up, fighting over it until someone has ‘won’. Through couples counselling at Gilmour Group in Vancouver, couples learn how to process and work through unresolved issues, leaving them for a time and coming back to them as necessary until they have arrived at a mutual place of satisfaction.

- Counselling provides that safe place for expressing unhappiness, resentment, anger or frustration that may not be possible to talk about at home. A trained professional can help each person in the relationship get their feelings out in the open. When both parties are willing to work toward a mutual goal, very often great strides can be made.

If you’re tired of trying the same old thing over and over, getting the same results every time, it’s time to try something different. When you attend couples counselling at Gilmour Group in Vancouver, you’ll quickly learn that trying the same unhelpful thing over and over will not create a positive outcome.

Gilmour Group helps with communication pattern intervention; they interrupt what is not working and replace it with what will. If you’d like to learn more, please visit online at, where you’ll find everything you need to make a connection. Couples Counselling Vancouver
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